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Movies: Mad Max: Fury Road

I know, I know - I must be the last person on this planet who hadn't seen this movie yet, but I spontaneously decided to redress that last night. And unlike the last time I ended up at the movie theatre on a whim (*cough* The Imitation Game *cough*), I did enjoy myself immensely. I have no idea if this is due to Mad Max: Fury Road being actually a decent film, or if it just browbeat me into liking it. I left the theatre feeling as if I'd been run over by a monster truck. But in a good way. I think.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes a) car chases and stuff going boom, b) post-apocalyptic scenarios, c) unashamedly trashy action flicks, d) pop culture interpretations of second-wave feminism, e) 1980s rock videos, f) action heroines that aren't reduced to the role of Smurfette or Love Interest (*), g) desert landscapes, and h) more vehicle chases and blowing up shit. It's probably the kind of film that a car fetishist would have made after listening to too much heavy metal and watching Le Salaire de la Peur while getting high and thinking, "You know what Clouzot really needed? Besides more women, I mean. A post-nuclear freakshow with live e-guitar solos and lots of explosions. Yeah, let's do that than."

If you're looking for complex plot, subtle characterization and polished dialogues, you should probably spend those eight euro elsewhere.

(* = On the one hand, I really appreciate that Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa (**) went from grudging allies in hostile territory to platonic comrade-in-arms and that they didn't fall into the stereotypical "once the Action Girl gets a romance, she also gets a power downgrade" trap. On the other hand, I predictably started shipping them like mad. Their interactions hit a lot of my fannish buttons - basically, the couple that blows up shit together stays together. Or not, as the case may be.)

(** = Yes, that's her actual name. If you think this is ridiculous, just wait for The Dag, Toast the Knowing, and Rictus Erectus.)

Movies: The Imitation Game

I spontaneously decided to watch this movie while I was taking a walk / window-shopping last afternoon. One can only hope that it doesn't win any of the Oscars it's been nominated for. As far as I'm concerned, this bloody pile of steaming horseshit is an insult to, well, everything, from military history over the achievements of cryptography and codebreaking to the memory of Alan Turing. And not in the least to the intelligence of the audience.

Rarely have I been tempted to walk out of a movie theatre. This was one of those moments.

Same Procedure as Last Year?

Same procedure as every year, obviously.

Happy 2015 to all of you!

Happy Holidays!

Again, it's high time for some seasonal greetings before I'm off for my relatively Internet-free Christmas break with my big brother and my sister-in-law.

A very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it and to all your loved ones! ♥ ♥ ♥

And in the spirit of the season, here's the local boys' choir from my hometown singing my very favourite Christmas carol, Adeste fideles, as well as We wish you a merry Christmas. Enjoy!